D E L I V E R M E; from this darkness.

skelethal-boy : Hey San :) I used to be ScreamingMandragora over on S-L. I wondered, was there ever a new Haunting Ground forum? Ahh I'm missing the old days I've been replaying HG lately so I thought of it.

Hai Audrey! Sorry for the slow reply, sowwy. >u< As of right now, no forum. I haven’t had time to start a new one, but I might in the future. Been busy with other things, like my dad being in horibble accident and now I have to help him and my mum with a lot of things, hehe life is a bitch. But I will surly let you know if and when I make a the new forum! ♥

Also love your tumblr, I will follow you! ♥


In the end, all you have, is your family.

Dem Feelz.

Dat moment, when you have one epic sister who will buy you pizza ♥