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superpewpew : 15, 28, 32 c:

15. Snow driven is actually a song from the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories album. I loved that song so much, so I just wanted to make a url with it! :3

28. I feel sad when people forget me. I know that might sound stupid but, when my friends forget about me and ignore me, it makes me very sad.

32. I don’t lie much actually, so this one is pretty difficult for me to answer. But lemme think. Hm, the only thing that pop into my mind is I often lie to people when they hurt me and ask if I am ok. Like if my friends and I have planned to do something together and suddenly they don’t want too anymore for some reason, and they ask if I am ok with it, I will lie and say it’s ok when it’s not. Haha. I am lame!

(Thanks Kuneh♥ for sending me a ask *hugz*)

I wanna do this, so please send a ask with one or two numbers! Or five 8D

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11/∞ Favorite Fictional Characters; Sae Kurosawa, Fatal Frame 2: Crimons Butterfly.

Sending my two cousins some presents! Since I love them and they are awesome! The items I am seding them are Yunas necklace, which is to my cousin Kaisa and a keychain thingy to my cousin Timmy. I hope they like the little headshots I drew too! 8D

I am not super awesome at drawing, so that was the best I could do under so short time. Hehe. Anyway, I wanted to show them. I think they turned out a bit nice :3