Dem Feelz.

Dat moment, when you have one epic sister who will buy you pizza ♥


Sorry everyone, I won’t be posting anything for a while due to my father being in a horrible horrible accident. I will be back though, not sure when. Just wanted to let you guys know. 8)

Anonymous : What does the fox say?

Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding ♪ ♫

the-tophest : Hejhej! ^^ kul att träffa på dig här

Detsamma! ♥ Ser att du postar massa fun stuff, har inga problem att följa dig! 8D Hehe, ha en bra dag!

LIFE & d e a t h.

Some of the awesome presents I got! I am so happy with all presents I have got, I have such wonderful friends and family! I really needed a new photo printer, and dad bought me one. I am so happy right now *3* Hohoho!

Also got mail from Hogwarts! Hehe, from a little owl friend! He had a card with him. I can’t wait to play Elder Scrolls online too, it’s gonna be fun! And I need to watch those horror movies asap!

Anyway, Happy birthday to me! ALSO, thank you very one that said happy birthday to me, you all are wonderful and awesome, thank you so much! ♥